What are the Netherlands license and permit requirements for operating Dutch companies with a business in the Netherlands?

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Most business activities can be performed without any permits, licenses or professional qualifications. An environmental permit may be required if your products or business operations negatively affect the environment. Permits and licenses can be applied for at the municipality or at the provincial authorities.

Some sectors require registration with an industry board or a product board. Registration is a statutory requirement, based on the Act on Business Organizations. An industry board is a kind of interest group for a specific sector. The same applies to a product board, which includes all enterprises in a production chain, from producers of raw material to manufacturers of end products.  You do not require a separate diploma or permit in order to establish a business in the Netherlands. Nevertheless you are only allowed to practice certain professions if you meet specific requirements.

There are regulated professions and professions that are subject to certain professional competence requirements. A regulated profession is one where access to or practice of a profession is restricted to those who meet the professional qualifications required by law. In the European Union’s Regulated Professions Database you can find the list of the regulated professions in the Netherlands, with a reference to the related organization.

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