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How long does it take to establish a Dutch company when setting up a business in the Netherlands?

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On average, it takes about a week to incorporate a Dutch limited liability company (BV). In order to establish a Dutch business or company in the Netherlands, it is a requirement to check the company name for appropriateness and validity. This takes less than one day.

The drafting and signing of a Dutch limited liability company’s (besloten vennootschap, ‘BV’) deed of incorporation that must be executed by a Dutch civil law notary can take also one day, depending on the complexity of the deed. The deed can be signed in presence of the Dutch civil notary or by a way of a written (private) power of attorney issues to the Dutch civil law notary.

The Dutch limited liability company (BV) needs to be registered at the Chamber of Commerce (‘Kamer van Koophandel’) and later obtain the company’s registration number. It is possible to do this online or in person. If it is done online, it takes several hours to receive the registration number. If the deed of incorporation of the Dutch limited liability company (BV) is filed in person, it takes one to five working days.

If you want to establish a Dutch limited liability company (BV) you also have to register at the local at the local Dutch tax office and social security administration. The registration form can be filed in a day but it will take two to six weeks for the tax office to provide the required tax numbers.

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