Welcome to the Netherlands! This page provides some basic information about the country and its business climate, as well as useful links if you are considering doing business in the Netherlands.

17 million people

The Netherlands has a population of over 17 million people. The Dutch population is relatively well-educated. Due to the high level of English language proficiency, it is easy to work and live in the Netherlands as foreigner.

A thriving economy

With a GDP of $770 billion annually (2016), an inflation of 1,7% (2017) and an expected economic growth of over 3% for 2018, the Dutch economy is thriving.

Ideally positioned

Positioned within an hour by plane from London, Paris and Frankfurt, and with Rotterdam’s port and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as major international mainports, the Netherlands is ideally positioned in Europe.

Open for business

Compared to other European Union member states, the Netherlands has a relatively friendly economic climate for international businesses, both legally as well as fiscally. Forbes Magazine listed the Netherlands as the 3rd best country to do business worldwide.

Useful links

Dutch government portal
Dutch Chamber of Commerce
Dutch Tax & Customs Administration
Kingdom of the Netherlands
Invest in Holland

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