Start a company with accounting administration and get a Dutch IBAN in the Netherlands.

We accept newly registered companies with foreign UBOs.

Need an account for your business in the Netherlands?

We offer a package deal: NL IBAN, accountancy, customer support and free guidance during the whole process.

Register your Company with IBANApply for IBAN only

We welcome the opportunity to help foreign entrepreneurs to incorporate a company and receive a Dutch bank account. As a foreign national it can be incredibly difficult to start a company and open a bank account. We provide expert consultancy and excellent banking services for your business to expand in the Netherlands.

Check out our Package Deal!

Company directors and shareholders accepted from 190 countries

  • NL Local IBAN: a Global Business Account with 35+ major currencies
  • Real-time business payments in 10 currencies
  • Fast compliance response times
  • An administration prepared by accredited accountants
  • 100% online account opening
  • Competitive FX rates
  • Convenient incorporation and dedicated human support every step of the process

For questions related to company’s registration and setting up an account consult our knowledge base or send us an e-mail.

Top-tier consultancy and accounting services

Nowadays companies face many challenges when it comes to looking for top-tier services. Today’s market is supersaturated which makes it difficult to find a reliable accounting firm, since many organisations cannot deliver the promised results and fit the deadlines. With each attempt businesses face a lot of bureaucracy, complicated legal regulation and governmental restrictions.

For foreign entrepreneurs it is salient to minimize risks when starting a company in the Netherlands or dealing with financial reporting & tax compliance. However, we can propose a solution that will assure your financial reporting will be taken care of by experts in their field.

An effective banking solution for your business in the modern world

It can be incredibly difficult for a foreign national to open up a business bank account. High-street banks reviewing business account proposals often view foreign ownership or directorship as a big red flag. Banks tend to see domestic business owners and directors as lower risk and as such national passports and IDs are used almost as a sign of credibility. Given that traditional banks try to operate as risk-aversely as possible, businesses with foreign directors, UBOs or shareholders often receive a “no”.

Foreign entrepreneurs with a Dutch legal entity (in most cases a registered BV) will generally face this exact struggle when trying to open up business bank accounts. The process can be extremely long-winded and arduous, costing the company lots of time and effort. However, there are modern solutions that are on hand to help. To learn more about the solution, check the full article.

Package deal: How much does our service cost?

Accounting services

  • No more than 150 annual transactions: €300 per month;
  • No more than 300 annual transactions: €400 per month;
  • No more than 500 annual transactions: €500 per month.

The accounting services include:

  • Preparation/finalization of the general ledger;
  • Preparation/ finalisation of the trial balance;
  • Preparation of annual accounts.

*Incorporation services (upon request)

  • €950 for the incorporation of a plain vanilla BV [including the unofficial English translation of the incorporation deed], for a private client;
  • €1,250 for the incorporation of a plain vanilla BV [including the unofficial English translation of the incorporation deed], for a corporate client with one incorporator: €200 per extra incorporator.

Bank account for registered companies

We offer 3 types of accounts: UK local account, EU local account and a Global Business Account designed to move large international payments in all major currencies across the world

Monthly fee starting from €250

Outgoing payments are always same day at fixed cost:








We accept international businesses with a sustainable turnover; and new companies if they belong to an already established international group.

An onboarding fee may be charged and will depend on ownership, industry and transaction attributes.

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